Mount Athos

I was in Mount Athos the last summer, it was a journey I wanted to make the last years. When I arrived in Mount Athos I felt something strange and curious. It was the peace and relax that inspired me in the Mount Athos. Monks in Mount Athos are persons with deep belief in God and are devoted to asceticism. There are a lot of monks who have become Saints in Mount Athos such as Saint Paisios, a Saint of 21 century.
I met a lot of monks and talked to them about their devotion to God and their life in Mount Athos. Most of them where calm and willing to discuss with visitors of Mount Athos about everything.

Mount Athos cell of Saint Paisios

I visited the cell of Saint Paisios, a small poor house but rich of devotion and holiness. All the visitors were really impressed by the devotion of this cell. The third day of staying in Mount Athos, something curious happened. I saw an old monk who told me to come with him. He told me “Welcome John to Mount Athos” and I asked him “How do you know my name?”. He said to me that my belief make him to know my name. The old monk told me things about my life which nobody knows. He advised me to love God and to trust him all my problems. “Only God can help us” he said. I kissed his hand and thanked him for his advises. I was really excited from the incident of the old monk and I felt better.

Visit Mount Athos

The sixth day I left Mount Athos. This experience in Mount Athos changed my life because I became more calm person with love in God. I hope you have the opportunity to visit Mount Athos in order to change your lives.

Mount Athos