Biography and Achievements of Saint Jacob in Evia

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Biography and Achievements of Saint Jacob in Evia
by Nikolaos Baldimtsis

    Biographers of Saints should be holy men; for this reason, I have never thought of writing as much as God permitted me to be informed by the Holy Father since I have known him, and it was God’s and Saint David’s will to offer some medical care to his much afflicted and suffered body. But the urge or rather the spiritual order of respectable persons made me attempt to write down what follows.
    Certainly, this will be of great benefit to me but also to my Orthodox Christian brothers, who will read the spiritual life and supernatural events, which I will try to recount with the blessings of Saint David and Holy Elder Jacob.
(From the introduction of the book).

Pages: 112
Dimensions: 14 x 20 cm.


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