Arbutus Honey of Mount Athos - 1Kg

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     Arbutus honey is produced in the protected forests of Mount Athos (Natura 2000 network) and comes from the honeydew of the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo & Arbutus andrachne). It is a special and unique product due to its high nutritional and healing value in the field of traditional therapeutics. It has a characteristic slightly bitter taste and reminds of baked caramel. Its richness in micronutrients and vitamins makes strawberry honey one of the best options to tone the body. The natural antibiotic substances that it contains in a significant number make the honey a natural ally of the body. 
     The calories found in the honey are less than the ones contained in other honeys, due to its low percentage of glucose and fructose. This year’s harvest of our Athonite strawberry tree honey gave us an especially aromatic honey but less bitter than other years, as a result of this autumn’s extended drought. There are also other autumn flowers that coexist in this honey, such as ivy, rough bindweed, Erica manipuliflora, rosemary etc., and contribute to its aromatic character. The honey has not undergone any treatment or filtration and, therefore, it is possible to contain pollen or small pieces of beeswax.


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