Charcoal Incense Sticks of Saint Porphyrius Kafsokalyvitis

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    Original handmade Charcoal Incense of high quality. Saint Elder Porphyrios had divine zeal for the celebration of the sacred Holy Services, indulged very early in the perfume composition, suitable for the manufacture of incense, used in divine worship. The results of this effort were excellent. Since the 1970s, he managed the original "recipe" to unify the coal with the aromas of incense. Since then, incense only with his own invention charocoal, which was slowly burning steadily.
    Today, after several decades have passed since then, we have again the handiwork of Elder Porphyrios in 17 flavors: Athonite, Bethlehem, Violet, Byzantine, Gardenia, Jasmine, Jerusalem, Amber, Lily, Cypress, Lemon blossom, Myrrh, Nard, Night flower, Rose, Frangipani, Cherub.

Instructions: Because it does not contain flammable substances, bring the tip in touch with the fire for about 15 seconds. For shorter duration, cut the stick in half. If moistened just let it dry. Combustion Duration is about 30 minutes for each stick. Each box contains 12 pieces.


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