Cocoa Butter for Chapped Lips Holy Monastery of Archangels

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Cocoa Butter for Chapped Lips Holy Monastery of Archangels

Monastic cocoa butter lip (lip balm stick) made in the Holy Monastery of Archangels.

Not only the weather conditions, but also our modern lifestyle, put a strain on our lips, which remain unprotected against the cold of winter and heat in summer. To fight chaps, our lips need the necessary protection and hydration, that this excellent product offers.

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, pure beeswax and honey.

Beneficial properties: Immediately softens lips and maintain their elasticity for a long time. Also, soothes irritations and restores peeling giving immediate comfort, even on the most damaged lips, thanks to the precious ingredients. In very tired lips apply it before bed and let stand over night. In the morning your lips will become very soft.

Precautions - Contraindications: The above infromation is not medical advice nor substitute advice of another health care professional. They are provided for information only. Do not stop any other medical care recommendations without consulting your doctor.


Orders that registered at on working days (Mon - Fri) until 12:00 noon and on condition that the product is available are usually delivered within 15-20  working days. The above delivery time  have been roughly estimated due to the peculiarities of Mount Athos such as the weather conditions (particularly in the winter season), the different calendar and the inaccessibility of the areas where many of the products are produced.
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