Enamel Virgin Mary of Vladimir

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A unique handmade icon with enamel (smalt) made by the brotherhood in the Holy Monastery of Saint Elisavet.

Dimensions: 6 x 8.5 cm.

The miraculous icon of Virgin Mary of Vladimir is one of Russia's most famous icons. According to one tradition, it is one of the images of the Evangelist Luke, who was in Jerusalem until 450 AD. From there he was transferred to Constantinople and then to Vladimir, where it stayed for three centuries. Since 1480 it has been permanently in Moscow. More about Virgin of Vladimir.

The history of enamel (smalt) is literally dawning many centuries back, while the oldest samples are found in the civilization of Mycenae. The art of the smalt reached its zenith during the Byzantine times (8th – 12th centuries), when it was applied in ecclesiastical, as well as in luxurious items. Through the ages, smalt was considered an expensive and valuable piece of art, which was based on the use of grated glass – mass, colored with various metallic oxides. This mass is placed on a metallic surface and is baked in a special oven in temperature of 600 to 900C. When the glass mass gets cold, it becomes solid, creating one merged mass with the metal. In that way, smalt can offer us pieces with bright, shining and vivid colors.


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