Ivy Honey of Mount Athos

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   Ivy honey comes from the mixing of Athonite ivy with the honeydew of oak trees. These oak trees have trunks covered with perennial ivy and are located at the area of the Vatopedi Cells at Mount Athos. The color of the honey is a bit darker than usual and has adequate fluidity. It also has a special aroma and moderate sweetness. Depending on the year and the weather conditions, it can have a slightly bitter taste. The crystallization that may appear is a natural process that occurs in all the honeys that have not undergone any treatment. 
     It is rich in enzymes, vitamins, micronutrients (Zn), and anti-oxidants. Its therapeutic value is mainly due to the hederacoside C that is found on the ivy leaves and blossom honey. It helps to treat throat, respiration, and chest.