Orthodox Icons

The teaching of our Church acccording to which icons from the very begining, sustain an integral part of the Christian Gospel is also expressed in tradition, with religious icons that glorify the face of Christ, Our Lady Theotokos and all the saints of our Orthodox Church. When we see an icon, we have the visible word of God. That is, when we see the icon of the Crusifixion, we have before us the scene of the Crucifixion. When we see the icon of Saint Demetrius, the martyrdom of the saint comes to our minds. In this way, the icon of the faith of our Church is recalled, the belief that the Christian wants to be close to the person depicted. Through the rich collection of icons that we have from Byzantine icons, silver icons, serigraphs, which is constantly enriched with new patterns, you can find the icon that will also warm your own space.