Cauliflower with Apple and Orange Sauce

Cauliflower with Apple and Orange Sauce

1 large cauliflower
1 apple
1 orange
1 potato
2 celery leaves
3 carrots
1 can tomato juice

Wash cauliflower and cut into large crests. Put in the tassel. Wash well the orange, cut into thin horizontal slices along with the skin and spread between cauliflowers. Cut celery and one carrot into slices and add them in the tassel. Prepare, in a bowl, the sauce. Put the tomato juice, the potatoes, the carrots, the apple, oil, salt and half a teaspoon of sugar in a blender. Pour the sauce on top of the cauliflowers and add water, under the height of the cauliflowers. Boil over low heat and stir the pot occasionally.

Click here for the book of Father Epiphanios ''The cuisine of holy Mount Athos''.

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