Map of Mount Athos

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Map of Mount Athos      

     Detailed hiking map based on the geographic information of the Geographic Service of the Army. The map is enriched with a lot of information about distances, usual routes, useful phone numbers or emergency phone numbers.
     The approximate time that is mentioned for the routes describes the “Athonite hiking”, as the Monks say, always complied with the hiking rules. Also, all the distances that are mentioned are given approximately. Hiking on Mount Athos is considered to be very challenging and the hikers have to be very careful, especially if their physical condition is not very good. Furthermore, hikers have to carry the necessary pharmaceutics, as well as appropriate equipment and clothing.
    Many parts of the routes that are given are extremely remote, while there are dangerous rockfalls and landslides. Also, there are several water springs mentioned on the map, but the hikers must always carry enough amount of water. The information mentioned on the map are updated but cannot protect you from all the possible obstacles or unpredictable situations.


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