Miloxido (Apple Cider Vinegar) Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi (250 ml)

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Miloxido (Apple Cider Vinegar) made in the Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi (250 ml)

Miloxido (Apple cider vinegar) of Mount Athos made in the winery of Holy Monastery of Vatopedi.

From the juice of apples , we take the wine “Militis” after a classical fermentation. ”Militis” will be turned into vinegar (Miloxido) through oxidant procedures which convert the alcohol into acetic acid. “Miloxido”, as an acid, has diuretic and antiseptic properties which clean internally the digestive track and disinfect externally, wounds and abrasions. In the unfiltered and unpasteurized “Miloxido” the natural sediment ( mourga) contains pectin, trace elements, friendly bacteria and enzymes. Pectin , helps  the development of a healthy intestine, phosphorus prevents the formation of septic bacteria and potassium balances the development, hydrates cells, balances sodium and helps in the proper function of the nervous system. “Miloxido is also effective on weight control.

Filtration and pasteurization of “Miloxido” inactivate friendly to the intestine bacteria, pectin and enzymes.

Content: 250 ml