Monk Shema (Big)

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Great and Angelic Schema for monks and nuns. It is crafted in a modern embroidery machine with the corresponding symbols and colorful embroidery, in durable black fabric of excellent quality.
Dimensions: 33 x 83 cm.

The Orthodox monastic Great and Angelic schema is used by the great monks and nuns and symbolizes their second baptism. In the center, as a pedestal, is embroidered with red thread the Cross of Calvary, while on the side are the spear and the sponge, symbols of the Passion of the Lord. On the perimeter, there are embroidered Greek red letters with symbolism:
ΦΧ ΦΠ: The light of Christ Lightens Everyone, that is, the light of Christ's grace illuminates everything; us, His creatures and all Creation.

EE EE: Eusphorus has Fallen. Let’s find the Paradise, that is, out of his selfishness Eusphorus (Lucifer) fell from Paradise; but let us not be like him - let us find Eden, Paradise.
ΡΡ ΔΡ: More rhetorical Verbs, Tears Flow, that is, even from the most elaborate words, the tears of repentance, which reveal the true love for the Lord, are worth more.
ΘΘ ΘΘ: God View Divine Miracle, that is, there is no greater miracle and brighter beauty than enjoying the view of the divine face of Jesus Christ.
ΤΤ ΔΦ: This Schema Threatens Demons, that is, the Angelic Schema is so powerful that make demons tremble.
XX XX: Christ Christians Gives Grace, that is, Jesus Christ gives His grace to Christians.
ΤΚ ΠΓ: Place of the Skull Became Paradise, that is, Golgotha became Paradise, the sin was defeated on the cross of the Lord and everyone celebrates.


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