Orthodox Prayers

Prayer, according to St. John Chrysostomos, is a large and almighty weapon, a great possession, an insurance to the coming together of man with God, it is a medicine, an neverending richness, the veins of the soul in which the grace of God flows freely through, an invitation to the eternal life. Prayer makes man alike with the Angels. Man, himself, in conver-sation with God.

“Nothing has it’s measure”. Nothing can compare with it, writes the holy Father.

Prayer is a skill thus it requires practice and continued effort. It must be made with a zealous soul, with deep concen-tration, so we realize what exactly we are doing, who we are standing in front of and of course who are we in conversation with.

“Pray without ceasing” St. Paul tells us. (1 Thess. 5. V. 17) In joy, in sorrow, with patience and endurance and along with contrition and humility.