Jesus Christ 'Behold the Man'

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Wood Surface:

Hand painted icon of Jesus Christ 'Behold the Man', made in Mount Athos, on natural wood. The icon is delivered in a wooden box.

The hymn ‘Behold the Bridegroom cometh’ is one of the most famous hymns in the Holy Week. The lyrics of the hymn refer to two parables, in which Jesus Christ is presented as ‘Bridegroom’ (in Greek; Νυμφίος). The first parable refers to the ten virgins who went out to precede the groom at a wedding. However, the groom was late and the women fell asleep. At that time, "their candles" blew out. Half of them had oil and renewed the flame, while the other half did not. The second parable refers to some servants who were waiting for their master to return from a wedding. In both cases, the groom symbolizes Jesus Christ, who we expect to appear in the Second Coming.


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