Virgin Mary Eleousa - Holy M. Simonopetra

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Replica in silver 925o with local gold plating of the Virgin Mary Eleousa icon, located in Simonopetra Monastery on Mount Athos. The icon is one of the few silver icons that were saved due to successive fires that broke out in past centuries and is a copy of Virgin Mary ''Eleousa'' painted in 1777. The icon is available in hard cardboard box.
Dimensions: 23 x 30 cm.

The miraculous icon of the Virgin Eleousa was hiden, at a depth of one and a half meters under the ground over centuries, and found in a miraculous way. The Holy Mother of God appeared in the eight-year-old Athanasius Syros and pointed out to him the place of the miraculous icon. It is of small size and bears the inscription "Mother of God Eleousa". According to experts, the icon appears to belong to the era of iconoclasm. Μore about Theotokos Eleousa.


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