Micromeria (Micromeria Juliana or Satureia Juliana - kiparissaki)

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Micromeria Juliana, or “kyparissaki” in Greek, is an intensely aromatic and medicinal plant used in the apiaries.

Beneficial properties:
- The part of the plant that is over the ground has diuretic properties. It is considered a very effective herb for stones of the kidney and bladder and is now used in many herbal mixtures or alone for the treatment of these problems.
- The tea of this plant is used against the sourness of the stomach, peptic ulcers, intestinal worms, colds and nausea of travel.
- It acts as an appetizer and helps in the digestion while it neutralizes gases.
- Increases sweating and has expectorant action.
- It stimulates and tones the body. It fights dizziness.
- It is useful in disorders of the body due to excessive heat.
- The concentrated tea of this plant is a good laxative.
- Gargles with micromeria tea can heal wounds of the larynx and mouth.

Use: For the treatment of the kidney or bladder stones, the herb is prepared as a tea. Boil 6 grams of dried micromeria in 2.5 cups of water for 5 minutes. Cover for 10 minutes. Strain and drink half in the morning and the rest of it in the evening for 10 days.
In cooking: Micromeria is used as a seasoning, like oregano or savory. Flavor with it the vinegar and “throubes” olives. You can combine it with grilled meat, beans, marinades, sauces, omelets, white cheeses, salads, milk and water green beans and raw vegetables.

Precautions - Contraindications: It is best to avoid during pregnancy. Since other side effects of the herb have not been mentioned, we should only be careful not to exceed the recommended daily dosage.

The above information is not medical advice nor substitute advice of another health care professional. They are provided for information only. Do not stop any other medical care recommendations without consulting your doctor.

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