Oregano of the Simonopetra Monastery

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The value of oregano in the pharmaceutics and the cooking is known for thousands of years.

Beneficial properties: Scientific researchers have found antibiotic and antiseptic properties in oregano (especially in the essential oil) and they classified it as an antioxidant herb. It is very beneficial for stomach problems, especially for gastric debility. It helps to reduce intestinal disorders and abdominal pain and is considered to be a stimulant, diaphoretic, expectorant and anti-asthmatic. By using oregano as a mouthwash 2-3 times per day, you can ease oulitis, toothaches, and throat inflammations. It is also used in cases of flu, colds, amenorrhea (as emmenagogue). It is against rheumatic pains of the muscles and joints, headaches and diarrhea. With baths and rubs, oregano works against cricks in the neck and phthiriose. It helps heal and sterilize wounds and abrasions with pus. It can stop seizures and hiccups.

Use: As a tea. Add half or 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of boiled water, cover it for 5-10 minutes depending on how strong you want it and then strain it. Drink 2-3 times per day, on its own or with honey.

Precautions - Contraindications: Avoid the therapeutic use of the herb during pregnancy. The above information is not medical advice or substitute advice of another health care professional and is provided for informational purposes only. Do not stop any other medical care recommendations without first consulting your doctor.

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