Symphytum of the Holy Dormition Monastery

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Symphytum officinale, cultivated organically in the gardens of the Holy Monastery of the Assumption of Virgin Mary. Available in a doypack package that opens and closes several times safely.

Beneficial properties:
According to traditional therapies, Symphyto, due to its strong astringency, can be used external in the healing of shallow wounds. But we need to be careful when the trauma is deep, because fast healing outdoors, without it being healed more deeply, could lead to abscess formation.
Internally, can be used beneficially (under the supervision of a specialist) for gastric and duodenal ulcers, diaphragmatic hernia and ulcerative colitis.
It has been used in cases of bronchitis and irritable cough, where it soothes and reduces irritation, while helping to exfoliate.

Use: Prepare as a beverage. Pour a spoon of dried-on herbs into a cup of water and boil for one minute. Leave it covered for half an hour and drain it. Externally, use it to wash. For indoor use, we drink 1 to 2 spoons of food three (3) times a day. You can sweeten it preferably with honey.

Precautions - Contraindications: The herb can only be taken under the supervision of a specialist because the overdose in the herb's internal consumption is toxic. Also, it should be avoided by women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The above information is not medical advice nor substitute advice of another health care professional. They are provided for information only. Do not stop any other medical care recommendations without consulting your doctor.

Net weight: 40 g.

Source of information: Sakis Kouvatsos (Clinical Nutritionist)