Wood Carved Icon of Saint Porphyrios from Kavsokalyvia

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Handmade, wood carved icon of Saint Porphyrios from Kavsokalyvia holding his scepter in one hand and blessing with the other. It is a micro-carving item sculptured on boxwood at the Holy Skete of Saint Demetrios in Mount Athos.
H: 6.8 cm.
W: 5.0 cm.

Born in a poor family in Evia, Saint Porphyrios at the age of 12 went to Mount Athos. At the age of 14 he became a monk, and a little later God gave him clairvoyance. At 26 he was ordained a priest at monastery of Saint Charalambos Kymis. He passed away in 1991 on Mount Athos. Saint Porphyrios celebrates on 2 December.


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