Wood Carved Icon of Saint Joseph the Hesychast

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Handmade carved icon depicting Saint Joseph the Hesychast. Handmade on boxwood at the Holy Skete of Saint Demetrios in Mount Athos. The rich details in the carving confirm that this image is a real work of art, created with a lot of patience and faith.
H: 7 cm.
W: 5 cm.

He was born on 1897 in the village Leukes in the island of Paros, in a poor family. His father died when Joseph was still very young. He lived with his mother in the village until the age of 23, when he moved to Athens. In 1921 he went to Mount Athos and lived there the rest of his life, like the old aschets of the desert, practicing severe fasting and spiritual struggle. He died in 1959.


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