Multi-personal Cross with the Crucifix, Holy Trinity, St. John the Baptist, Archangels Michael & Gabriel

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Multi-personal, handmade, wood-carved cross in boxwood, made by the monks in the Holy Scete of Saint Demetrios on Mount Athos. In the center of the cross, as a central theme, is presented the Crucifixion of the Lord, with Virgin Mary and the beloved disciple of Jesus, John, at the base of the Holy Cross. At the top, we can see the Hospitality of Abraham and the presence of the Holy Trinity. At the bottom, saint John the Forerunner is depicted. On the right and left sides, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel are presented.

This cross is a real work of art, made with a lot of effort and tireless patience by the fathers on Holy Mount Athos. The rich details and the exquisite decoration make the cross a unique masterpiece.

H: 10 cm.
W: 7 cm.


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