Silver Icon with Jesus Christ & Saint Nektarios Wood-carved

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    Handmade, silver (925o) handicraft, designed according to the standards of the "amulets" of the 18th and 19th century. The icon features Byzantine engraved decoration and semi-precious stones. On the front side is embossed the face of Jesus Christ with a halo and the inscription «Ο ΩΝ». On the inside, there is the shape of Saint Nektarios blessing. The figure of the Saint is wood-carved, in detail, in boxwood.
    This composition is a unique piece of art, made by the monks in the Holy Skete of Saint Demetrius on Mount Athos, with respect to the tradition of the ecclesiastical art. The handicraft is delivered in a luxurious box with velvet coating.

Icon Dimensions: 10.5 x 12 cm.

Saint Nektarios or Nektarios of Pentapolis or of Aegina was born in Thraki in 1846. In Aegina island he built a monastery while he contributed to miracles to the residents of the island as a brother and their supporter. He died in 1920 AD and buried in the Holy Trinity in Aegina. Saint Nektarios celebrates on 9 November.


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