Black Myrrh

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    It is a strongly aromatic natural resin, which comes from a tree named "Styrax Benzoin". Its use for people's worship is known from the ancient times, but it was widely spread since the trade routes have been opened to the island groups of the Southeast Asia and Polynesia, at the time of the great explorations. It is known and loved by all the Orthodox people of the Balkans, Asia Minor and Russia. It is burnt unalterably into the censer, or it is used in mixtures of resin incense, so that special kinds of frankincense can be produced.
    It should not be confused with the myrrh, which is mentioned in the genuflection of the Three Magi (The Three Wise Men) which is, in some researchers' opinion, related to the aromatic oil of the Commiphora Myrrh tree, while others believe that it is related to the fossilized resin, known as "amber" (in ancient Greek "electron").

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