Home Censer with Colored Decoration

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Bronze home censer with a lid. Bearing incised  colored decoration and a cross.

Height: 12 cm.

    The lightning of the censers is a symbolic act that shows love and faith to Our Lord. The censers are used in orthodox churches during the Liturgies, as well as in the houses of the faithful and in the graves of our loved ones. In every situation, incense has the ability to create a feeling of devoutness and a peaceful atmosphere. Censers symbolize the abdomen of Virgin Mary, in which Jesus Christ existed as an infant.
    Censers are used as follows. Fire a couple of coals in the censer and wait until they start smoking. Then, place the incense one the coals, which is gradually heated and scenting. The gorgeous scent that is spread from the censer, creates a peaceful atmosphere, leading the soul of the faithful towards God.


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