Athonite Loukoumi

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   On Mount Athos, all pilgrims have captured in their mind the moment, when entering the guest house (arhontariki) of a cell or monastery, they face on the table three things; water, Turkish delights (loukoumi) and raki. The memories for those who were lucky enough to walk and sweat on the paths of Mount Athos, are really indelible. The relief they felt when entering the cool arhontariki, the excitement they had when drinking the water that was offered to them, as well as the hesitation that stretched their hands to get a second or a third delight from the dish, cannot be described.
    The Fathers of the Holy Cell of Saint Charalambos on Mount Athos, with many years of experience in sweets, take care of the preparation of this exquisite treat in four flavors; coconut, rose, peanut and bergamot.

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