Monastic Nama - Holy Communion Wine - Monastery of Simonopetra

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Drink this, all of you, for it is my blood

The Nama of the Simonospetra Monastery in Mount Athos was produced under special conditions to be used in the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist. Carefully selected grapes from Assyrtiko mainly and Mandilaria varieties, have been dried up in the sun for at least two weeks in order to achieve their natural dehydration and thus increase sugar levels. Then the centuries-old experience and knowledge of the monks of the monastery has completed in the traditional way and patience the production of this special wine which is available in a limited number of bottles.

Alcohol was kept low so that priests would not be stunned when they consumed a large amount of Holy Communion.

Content: 375 ml.

Alcoholic beverage: 8% vol


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