Fir Honey of Mount Athos - 1Kg

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    One of the best fir honeys in Greece is produced in the protected forests of Mount Athos (NATURA 2000). A unique honey, with excellent properties, mildly sweet taste due to the low natural sugars and a special aroma of fir. Fir honey belongs to the honeydew category, i.e. it is produced from the secretions of honeydew insects that parasitize the bark of trees. The bees collect the honeydew from the fir trees and produce a unique honey, dense, with an impressive amber color. The taste of fir honey is mildly sweet with a caramel-like aftertaste. Due to the low content of natural sugars, fir honey is almost never sweetened.
    Fir honey is produced by the monks of Mount Athos using the honeycomb centrifugation method and is not subjected to any heat treatment at all. The pure production method allows fir honey to keep all its components unchanged. Thus, we can offer fir honey rich in nutritional properties. In fact, fir honey is rich in trace elements, as it has a high content of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. In addition, it has an antiseptic effect on the respiratory system, while fighting bad breath.
    Due to its smooth texture and nutrients, fir honey has beneficial properties for the stomach and helps reduce stomachache. At the same time, the low sugars in honey, compared to other honeys, contribute to a balanced diet. Furthermore, this type of honey helps to fight obesity, as it accelerates the metabolism and meets the need for a sweet taste. Fir honey can be characterized as a "natural antioxidant" because it significantly helps to eliminate toxins from the body and offers immunity enhancement. Finally, fir honey has cosmetic properties.

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