Saint Porphyrios the Prophet - Witnesses - Volume 2

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Saint Porphyrios the Prophet - Witnesses - Volume 2

    Many of the miraculous events with regard to Saint Porphyrios remain, to this day -possibly forever- unknown, the same as his great struggles, which he diligently kept secret. This book is just one more piece added to a mystical mosaic that will be revealed to us long after.
    Saint Porphyrios is a unique presence in the history of our Church, not only due to his exceptional charismata -gifts of grace- his hidden ascesis and his vast agape but also due to the orifinality of his teachings. He demonstrated that Christ is our friend, our brother, dispersing the fear of punishment ad hell, He advises us to eschew passions, to pay no attention to our bad side and, instead, give ourselves with wholehearted zeal to the love of Christ. In this manner, he guides us towards unbloody sanctification, by demonstrating a way of ascesis born out of love and gratitude to God.
    We tend to enjoy the fruits and forget about the care and the effort that goes into growing the tree. We enjoy the Saint's grace, with no appreciation for the labor and the sacrifices necessary to reach such heights, and most of all, to remain for seventy years a steadfast, luminous, warm sun. A sun that shone down from Athos and illumined the horizon. It is truly impossible to shed light on the entirety of the Saint's spiritual toil; the task feels as if you lit a candle and hoped to illuminate a planet. This book is such a candle... (From the prologue of the book)

Pages: 320
Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm.


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