Athos Beauty and Grace

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Athos - Beauty and grace
Monk Gabriel

    Beauty and grace are to be found all over Greece, especially on the Athonite peninsula, the Holy Mountain, also known as “Garden of the Most Holy Virgin”, where on every single rock and cave, cobblestone path and passage, peak and valley, shore and torrent, spiritual wayfarers have for centuries now left their holy traces praying, supplicating and glorifying the World of God, who devises all things.
    This unique and beautiful environment is now under threat because it has been senselessly abused, polluted by sounds and the scattered detritus of our hyperconsumer age. Yet, the physical environment is directly linked to the spiritual gauge of monastic life; every alteration inevitably bears its influence on them and inhibits their spiritual perfection.

The book is also available in the Greek language.

Pages: 214
Dimensions: 27 x 28 cm.


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