The Wall - Paintings in the Katholikon - the Holy Monastery of Saint Gregorios

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The Wall - Paintings in the Katholikon - the Holy Monastery of Saint Gregorios

    The katholikon of the Holy Monastery of Saint Gregorios was painted in 1779 during the time of the Turkish occupation when “fear and slavery hung heavy over all”. However, the Orthodox Christians, who although besieged, were yet free (as our national poet said), continued to paint, and they did so in a manner that was true, authentic and creative.
    Their art is not a mere imitation, or a superficial reproduction devoid of originality: within the stream of Tradition it offers a new vision of the unseen.
    It is within time, but has something that transcends time. It is supposed that in it are the currents of the 18th century, but it goes far beyond them with its originality.
The publication of this volume, with the gracious assistance of the Cultural Capital of Europe Organization is both meaningful and valuable.
    These humble and simultaneously splendid paintings reveal that Orthodox churches are places of theophany. With their iconography and the services carried out within them, they summarize everything relating to the creation and the economy thus proclaiming “Thou hast brought us from nothingness into being, and when we fell away didst raise us up again, and Thou ceaseth not until Thou hast done everything, to bring us to Heaven, and confer on us Thy Kingdom to come”.

Foreword By Archimandrite Georgios, Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Saint Gregorios.

Pages: 310
Size: 25 x 30 cm.


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