Elder Hadji Georgis the Athonite

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Elder Hadji Georgis the Athonite

    Descendants always have a sacred duty to write down the divine achievements of the holy Fathers of their times and the struggle they undertook out of philotimo in order to draw closer to God. Naturally, by writing about our Saints, we too benefit, because in this way we remember and try to imitate them; then the Saints are moved even more to help us draw closer to them.
    Therefore, if we must speak and write about the virtues of these righteous souls (our holy Fathers), how much more should we not neglect or be silent about the souls of our just, but unjustly treated holy Fathers whom we, wretched people that we are, have tormented with persecutions and exiles out of our own human weaknesses, jealousies and envy...

Philotimo, according to Elder Paisios, is the reverent distillation of goodness, the love shown by humble people, from which every trace of self has been filtered out. Their hearts are full of gratitude two words God and to their fellow men, and out of spiritual sensitivity, they try to repay the slightest good which others do them. (From the prologue of the book).

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