Saint Porphyrios the Prophet - Witnesses - Volume 3

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Saint Porphyrios the Prophet - Witnesses - Volume 3    

    Prophecy is a miracle that stands above all miracles. Note that the Evil one can also perform false 'miracles' but he can never prophesy. The Evil One can predict based on circumstances, in other words, to guess and for this reason, when information comes from demons, it is called clairvoyance but when it comes from God it is called prophecy. Moreover, the truth of the Holy Bible is founded more on prophecy than on miracles. In this way prophecy is elevated to a great divine charisma, a great gift that stands in prominence among the other gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit illuminated the Prophets. The Holy Spirit dictates and the Prophets express the words of the Holy Spirit.
    The word 'prophet' means, first of all, the one who speaks in the name of God and, secondly, the one who foretells the future. The lips of the prophet become the lips of the God. According to Saint Cyrillus of Alexandria, prophecy is also the interpretation of the Holy Bible. In the words of Saint John Chrysostom (the golden-mouthed): "The Prophet is the interpreter of God". In other words, the prophet is the one who knows the will of God and reveals it to people. (From the preface of the book)

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