Athonite Peddies

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Athonite Peddies

     I perceive the entire world as a large, live and interconnected icon. I think of it as a mosaic of an infinite number of diverse and constantly moving pebbles, which forever rearrange views and events, much like cells of a gigantic organism, which follows its eschatological path. And I, an infinitesimal dot, just like everything else that meanders in this mosaic called “creation”, record in my own way the pictures of others as my path meets with theirs in time and space.
    Of course, my fundamental space is the Holy Mountain – a place where time continues to recreate icons and composes its total personality by mixing the influence of events of the past with pebbles of the present. From this one-of-a-kind mosaic I chose pebbles of natural beauty and of the grace of the monastic life. I put them together and I present them to you.
    Perhaps, you have encountered some of them during visits to the Holy Mountain as pilgrims. Time changes these pebbles and, slowly, they are lost. As a result, most of them have been lost, definitively and irretrievably, to the ever-flowing river of time and have been deposited to the record of the “last day” when the pebbles of our life, beautiful or ugly, will compose our final and eternal personal icon.

Monk Gabriel.

Pages: 158
Size: 24 x 31 cm.


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