The Life of Our Saints - Synaxarion Recorded

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The Life of Our Saints - Synaxarion Recorded

    In an elegant package with 13 Cds (70 hours of recording) and a book of 200 pages, you will have the opportunity to listen daily to the life of the Saints of our Church, as it is read in the Monasteries, Cells and Hermitages of Holy Mount Athos.
    In the beginning the wish-prayer to our Lord is heard for 7 times in order for the mind and the heart to concentrate, to "open" and meet the Saints, who for the Grace and the love of our Jesus Christ, sacrificed everything, even their life. Then follows the Apolitikion of the Saints, who celebrate, and then their life and martyrdom.
    On the 13th Cd you will find the celebration period of the Triodion (the three week period before the first Sunday of Lent) and Pentecost. In the book with the list of feasts you will find in alphabetical order the exact date, when each Saint celebrates, but also you can find all the feasts in a monthly form.


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