Nama Holy Monastery Xenofontos - Holy Communion Eucharist Wine - 750 ml

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The passion of the Holy Fathers and the pure vines of Mount Athos create this exceptional wine of high quality, with full taste and deep red color. The monks in the Holy Monastery of Xenophon on Mount Athos reverently follow the traditional winemaking recipe and offer us the ecclesiastical red sweet wine, called "Nama", that is used in the Holy Communion. The varieties of the wine are Xinomavro and Grenache rouge, with a unique aromatic aftertaste. The rich character of the wine is accompanied with the aromatic notes of vanilla, cinnamon and clove. The high content of natural sugars gives a pleasant sweet taste and balance.

Varieties: Xinomavro & Grenache rouge

Content: 750 ml.

Alcohol Vol.: 18 %


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