Monastic Recipes

As we observe a strict fast throughout the year, our monastic recipes are grounded on a simple but healthy diet which eschews meat. In creating our delicious non-fatty meals, we combine vegetables with herbs, legumes, fruits and whatever the sea of Mount Athos offers.

“This is the secret which protects the Athonite monks from cancer and other illnesses whilst giving them longetivity”, states Father Moses, the monk of Holy Monastery of Koutloumousiou, at Mount Athos.

“We eat with temperance. Even in celebrations, like Easter, we do not consume meat. Our diet composes mainly of fish, vegetables and fruits, many of which we cultivate here”. Underlining the attention paid to refrain, Father Moses adds: “To live in simplicity is important for the monks of Mount Athos, therefore we do not indulge in our fast recipes; and avoid oil in our meals across the year on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Below we list some of the Athonite Recipes, fasting and non-fasting recipes. Good appetite...