Spaghetti with Aubergine Sauce

Spaghetti with Aubergine Sauce

½ kilo of aubergines
5 ripe tomatoes of regular size
½ tea cup of olive oil
2 melted cloves of garlic
Salt, pepper
½ teaspoon of sugar
1 small sprig of basil
½ kilo of spaghetti

Wash and cut the aubergines in small cubes. Salt them and let them in the colander to soak the bitterness out of them. Wash them again and strain them. Peel and chop the tomatoes. In a deep pan, heat the oil with 2-3 spoonful of water. Add the garlic and the aubergines. Sauté them in a high temperature for a few minutes. Add the tomatoes, the sugar and the basil. Let the sauce simmer, until it is curdy enough. Boil the spaghetti in plenty of salted water. Strain them and finally serve them with the aubergine sauce.

Click here for the book of Father Epiphanios ''The cuisine of holy Mount Athos''.

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