Thoughts And How to Confront Them

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Thoughts And How to Confront Them
Hieromonk Benedict of Holy Mount Athos.

In this age of knowledge and technology, an age full of facts concerning the nature of man's body and soul, one still thirsts for the truth as given to us by our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, in addition to His Saints and our Holy Fathers of The Church. We cannot be Christians if we do not know and believe, in full, what Our Lord tells us. He warns us of the existence of the evil one and shows us exactly how to win over him, lest he win over us, who call ourselves the children of Christ. The Christian begginer, who takes his first steps on the ladder towards Christ, will no doubt experience many wonderful moments in his strengthening of faith. There will come a time during his journey up this ladder, when he will desire to plunge himself more deeply into Christ. That is when he will come to the point in his spiritual journey when he will combat with his thoughts. He will desire to examine each thought individually to determine if it is Christ's will or not. […] (Translator’s Note).

Pages: 54
Size: 12 x 17 cm.


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