Great Saturday

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Compact disc (CD) with book.
On the sequence of the Epitaph. Chant chorus of the Vatopedian  fathers.

Mount Athos, one thousand years Ark of Orthodoxy, is undoubtedly the womb that gives birth and nurtures melourgia Byzantine chanting and art. In the spirit of revival of Athonite monasteries, after a period of crisis and decline, reopened the "Mousikodidaskaleion" of Vatopedi Monastery, which for centuries educates musical monks. It bequeathed to the monastery significant melourgous a rich ichothiki, books, manuscripts, and above all a rich tradition of chanting, which continues today Chorus of the monastery. The on-going systematic study of music that combines the knowledge of written and oral experience of chanting tradition is the basis of the current joint effort of University Publications of Crete, the Monastery Vatopedi to fill a void in the music industry by creating a CD for each day of the Great Week. These versions contain all the classical compositions of great composers of the Passion, when psallomenes old Athonite way (with kanonarchima, apichimata, antiphons, etc.). The recordings were made on the spot, because the chant in its natural environment acquires another significance: The long hours of daily musical interpretation of hymn intersected by perpetual prayer, being inherent element of monastic life, leading to a deeper experience of. There, the pronunciation and the glorification of the Divine Passion of the mouths of monks creates an atmosphere of devotion, and suggests a shocking truth.