Propolis Honey for Bloating & Abdominal Discomfort Holy Monastery of Dormition

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Propolis Honey for Bloating & Abdominal Discomfort Holy Monastery of Dormition

Beneficial properties: Ideal for gastritis, stomach ulcers, bloating, indigestion. The chestnut honey with its beneficial properties in the gastrointestinal system, propolis and specific extracts of fennel, mint and oregano offer soothing and relaxing effect on the entire digestive system. The same components in extremely help bloating problem, digestion - dyspepsia and irritable colitis. The antifungal activity of propolis have been confirmed and practically against the Candida albicans, the Trichomonas vaginalis, coliform and other bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Ingredients: Chestnut honey, propolis, extract of fennel, mint and oregano.

Use: One teaspoon propolis honey 2-3 times a day with slow swallow. Alternatively you can dissolve in a cup of warm water or another beverage.

    Extraction of propolis by using ultrasound. It is very important to note that propolis is incorporated in honey, not as tincture of alcohol, which is the commonest form of use of propolis, but with the use of ultrasound.This is a new technology, direct extraction of propolis in the mass of honey. This avoids the use of alcohol, in which many people are allergic or sensitive and also risk to separate the final product.
    Using ultrasound is a modern and highly efficient medium in the extraction process. In this new method they used physical and chemical phenomena which is basically very different from those used in conventional extraction methods. Enhance the quality of the product, reduce the likelihood of physical and chemical hazards and are more environmentally friendly. The combinations of extracts (essential oils) with propolis and honey are designed according to the literature and the best possible for the desired effect in each case.

Precautions - Contraindications: The above infromation is not medical advice nor substitute advice of another health care professional. They are provided for information only. Do not stop any other medical care recommendations without consulting your doctor.

Content: 156 ml.