Why the Pain and Sorrow

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Why the Pain and Sorrow
Hieromonk Benedict of Holy Mount Athos.

Taking everything into consideration, looking at all aspects from the starting point regarding pain and sorrow we come to realize that it is a universal matter. We came to observe that even the Saints in the Old Testament came into puzzlement in face of the complication, which has been caused by torment and agony. We considered the fact why would God allow suffering, the outcome of it and how to deal with it, even when that pain is linked to one's horrifying death. We came to the conclusion that pain and sorrow are not the only dreadful things that are existent in our world. On the contrary, it's the fact that if a person has sins and considered this to be the most atrocious deed within his or her suffering they are eliminating their transgressions. Meanwhile, while all this is taking place we come to realize the craze and glory of God within us which reveals itself in numeral ways. In this time of battle and suffering, we see the one that is besides throughout these whole event in the Lord himself. (From the summary of the book).

Pages: 46
Size: 12 x 16 cm.


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