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Eldress Galaktia of Crete: Prayer to our Lord

Orthodox Prayer to God Jesus Christ


«Lord, grant me only humility and silence. I ask nothing else from You. Humility births love for all Your creations. I know that I am the greatest sinner, and no one else in the universe has embittered You as much as I, the despicable one, have. Help me to live with this every day. Do not let the devil fool me into thinking I am something when I am nothing. Grant me only to feel how sinner I am and help me to follow Your commandments to find mercy from Your countless love. Do not let me despair because of my sins but let me rejoice every day because You have mercy on me and will save me because You are compassionate. Do not let me have evil thoughts or judge my fellow human beings. I am to blame for them, and since I am the cause of their sin, I must only judge myself. Lord, Lord, do not deprive me of the river of Your divine mercy. Amen!».


From the book "H Οσία Γερόντισσα Γαλακτία της Κρήτης ", in the Greek language.


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