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Prayer Come, the true light, come, eternal life - Saint Simeon the New Theologian

Come, the true light,

come, eternal life,

come, the secret mystery,

the anonymous treasure,

the unspoken thing

the incomprehensible face,

the everlasting joy, the never-ending light,

come, the true expectation

of those who are to be saved.

Come, the rising of the fallen,

come, the resurrection of the dead.

Come, Mighty One, who creates,

you transform and change everything

of your own free will!

Come, see, touch and feel.

Come, you who always stay still,

but every moment you move whole,

to come to us, who lie in hell,

the one above all heavens.

Come, longed and fabled name,

but which we are unable to describe

what exactly were you

or to know your essence and qualities.



Come, everlasting joy,

come, amaranth wreath,

come, purple of our great God and king.

Come, diamond-jeweled crystal girdle,

come, unapproachable shoe,

come royal sparrow

and indeed imperial right!

Come, you who have lusted and lust

my suffering soul

come, you alone

to me alone

because, as you see

I'm alone!…

Come, you who set me apart from everything

and you made me unique on earth.

Come, you who have become the desire of my soul

and you deserved me to lust after you

completely inaccessible!

Come, my breath and life,

come comfort to my humble soul,

come, my joy and glory and endless sorrow.


Saint Simeon the New Theologian


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