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Wise Words and Advice from Eldress Galaktia of Crete

What Eldress Galaktia teaches us in her sayings


Her teachings are simple and practical, yet distillations of holy wisdom and grace.


«Have these four things: 'Love, humility, silence, and charity in secret.»


«Confess properly, so that the devil may have no ‘foothold’ inside you».


«Do not speak ill of others, because God will speak ill of us when He returns to the world».


«Pray with the prayer 'Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me,' but also with Trinitarian prayers. I say: 'Heavenly Father, forgive me, Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, Holy Spirit, enlighten me».


«Whoever fears, doesn’t fear." In other words, whoever fears sin, fears nothing».


«Where peace prevails, there is also space for God».


«Do not break your friendship for one friend’s mistake».


«He, who is called God, looks down on and covers us all with love and tenderness».


«In prayer, we should not focus on anything else, only on the sins that God will reveal to us in order to repent. Do not listen to voices, do not see images, etc., because you will end up worshiping the devil without realizing it».


«Oh, the miserable young boys of today. While their parents commit sins, they are poisoned».


«Be afraid of slander even if it is false».


«Ingratitude resembles leprosy».


From the book "H Οσία Γερόντισσα Γαλακτία της Κρήτης ", in the Greek language.


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