Frankincense Holy Monastery Dochiariou - 500 gr.

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High quality traditional frankinsence, available in a great variety of fragrances. The handmade incense is produced based on old recipes, which the Athonite fathers improved in the Holy Monastery Dochiariou.
Net weight: 500 g.

   Frankincense, as it is known today, is a relatively recent development and comes from blending ground natural incense with fragrances in specific proportions. After kneading, it is let to stand, in order to lose some of its relative humidity and to harden, before the fathers shape it. At the final stage, it will be cut into small pieces and placed in magnesia powder, so that they do not stick together.
    For centuries, the fathers of the Mount Athos made frankincense by using mainly petals of flowers and incense, crushed in the mortar. The result of the mixing was a dark mass, which they put in a pan to dry out. From this tough mass, they broke small pieces and burned them at great festivals and feasts.


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