Holy Grail Cover with Jesus Christ

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Holy Grail covers, embroidered in high quality satin fabric, with many details and rich Byzantine decoration, that is crafted by hand. The covers have a vivid blue color and at the center Jesus Christ is depicted.
Dimensions: 55 x 73 cm.

The objects used during the Holy Eucharist always have a symbolism. Thus, the covers of the Holy Grail and the trail (Chalice) symbolize the nappies of Jesus Christ, with which they wrapped Him after the Nativity. At the same time, they symbolize the shroud, with which they wrapped the Lord after the Crucifixion. For this reason, the covers of the Holy Grail have the shape of a cross, since the whole plan of the Divine Economy is based on the Cross (Crucifixion) and the Resurrection. 


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