Saints Theodore

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Lithograph of Saints Theodore in grooved wood, gilded with ormolu and painted in red - bordeaux color with matte varnish.
Dimensions: 20 x 26 cm.

    Saint Theodore Tyron came from the village of Amasea located in the Black Sea. He is named Tyron, because he was ranked in the troops of the Tyrons. The Saint remained in his faith, even when Commander Vrigas threatened him with torture as retaliation. Saint Theodore Tyron celebrates on February 17th.
    The great martyr Theodore Stratelates from Euchaita served as Chief of Staff during the time of Licinius emperor. Saint Theodore Stratelates distinguished for his bravery and modesty as a Christian. He was beheaded in 319 AD because he distributed pieces of golden statues belonged to the emperor to the poor. Saint Theodore Stratelates celebrates on February 8th. Together, Saint Theodore Tyron and Saint Theodore Stratelates are celebrating the first Saturday of the Great Lent.


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