Multi-personal Cross with the Transfiguration - Theotokos - St Ephraim - Ioannes the Russian -Nectarios

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A multi-personal handmade cross, carved on boxwood at the Holy Scete of Saint Demetrios in Mount Athos. At the center of the front side, it bears Crucified Jesus with Virgin Mary and Saint Ioannes, standing at both sides in a praying position. Above, Virgin Mary of Vlachernes has her hands open in an orison position, while Jesus Christ is blessing. At the left, Saint Ephraim of Makre is depicted. At the right, Saint Ioannes the Russian is sculptured. Below them, there is Saint Nectarios of Aegina. The reverse side bears, in great detail, the Transfiguration of Jesus at Tabor Mountain.

H: ~11.7 cm
W: ~7.6 cm


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