Hand Carved Wooden Cross | St. Demetrius - St. George - St. Paisios - St. Porphyrios

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     Multifaceted, handmade wood-carved cross, made of boxwood. Saint Demetrius and Saint Georgios are placed in the center of the cross, accompanied by Saint Paisios of Mount Athos and Saint Porphyrios from Kavsokalyvia. At the top, stands archangel Michael, holding his sword in his right hand.
     The cross is inscribed in a handmade 925o silver frame, decorated with Byzantine motifs. This composition is a unique piece of art, made by the monks in the Holy Skete of Saint Demetrius on Mount Athos, with respect to the tradition of the ecclesiastical art. The handicraft is delivered in a luxurious box with velvet coating.

Icon Dimensions: 10.5 x 12 cm.
Cross Dimensions: 5 x 6 cm.
Weight of silver: 264 g.

Saint George the Troopoephoros or Trophy holder is one of the most famous and beloved saints of Orthodoxy. He came from Cappadocia, martyred and beheaded in 303 AD. His name is related to many folk traditions and customs. Saint George is celebrated on April 23 or the following day after Easter.

Saint Demetrius the Myrrh-scented is the patron saint of Thessaloniki, where he was born. He was imprisoned for his piety and faith. He was killed by warriors’ lances because he encouraged Nestor to defeat the idolater wrestler Lyeus in a confrontation in front of the emperor Maximianus in Thessaloniki. Saint Demetrius the Myrrh-scented celebrates on October 26th.

Saint Paisios was born in Pharassa, Cappadocia, he was baptized Christian and moved in Greece. From early childhood he had a desire to become a monk. He worked as a carpenter and served in the army as a radio broadcaster. He lived in Mount Athos in 1949, where he eventually passed away on July 12, 1994. Saint Paisios celebrates on July 12th.

Born in a poor family in Evia, Saint Porphyrios at the age of 12 went to Mount Athos. At the age of 14 he became a monk, and a little later God gave him clairvoyance. At 26 he was ordained a priest at monastery of Saint Charalambos Kymis. He passed away in 1991 on Mount Athos. Saint Porphyrios celebrates on 2 December.


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