Pine Honey of Mount Athos - 1Kg

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    In the undisturbed pine forests of Kapsala and Giovanitsa on Mount Athos, the Athonite honey is produced every spring and autumn. Pine Honey comes from honeydew and constitutes the 65% of the total honey production in Greece. Consumers seem to prefer it, because it is not as sweet as blossom honey.
    Pine Honey has a significant nutritional value due to the large variety of substances that coexist in its composition. A special place is held by the micronutrients, which are found in large quantities and make it a honey of high nutritional value. Sodium and potassium are also found in large quantities. It does not contain the catalase enzyme and as a result it has strong antimicrobial properties. It also has antiseptic qualities, helps in treating inflammations and acts effectively against cough and gout.


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